10 Simply Classic Beauty Products You Must Have When Traveling

The ladies at Simply Classic Events are always on the go, especially our baddest babe & leader, Shelby. *Side note: She's attending Hustle & Flow workshop in Seattle next week and will be speaking at the Alumni Workshop in NYC in April (!) so grab your tickets or email us about a setting up a meeting if you live in the PNW or NYC and want the Simply Classic Squad to plan your wedding or vacation ,or , like to just grab a good glass of rosé! Anyways, traveling is rough on your skin, and body but thats for a whole other post... soo we've done the leg work and found the best products that kill those jet lag feels, under-eye bags and dry skin from flying. All the products mentioned are TSA frien

Workaholics Wine'd Down at Sidebar Nightclub, San Diego , CA

Networking is everything, especially for young professionals...like honestly, it's useful for any one and everyone no matter what industry you are in, there is no better way to make in person connections! luckily, with the help of my amazing partner, Chrisette, we created Workaholics Wine'd Down,. Which is pretty much your ULTIMATE night out !! We focus on making networking fun, fashionable, stress-free, and a lil boozy (because why not, let loose a little!) Our summer event was a goddess inspired loungy cocktail hour by the pool featured a Fashion Show by Forever 21 and a contemporary dance performance by Brick House Dance plus services and shops from some of San Diego's favorite ven

How to Host an Amazing New Years Eve Bash

New Years Eve is arguable the biggest night of the year, with so many options and parties to attend it is always a struggle trying to decide on a plan! Fret not because we have found the perfect solution to avoid that NYE mess... Host your own NYE sorriee. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your party will be fun, relatively low-maintenance and the place to be come Midnight! Let's bring the new year in in style! 1. Invitations Always send out invitations, even if it's just a Facebook invite or a group chat but require an RSVP. Now, not everyone will let you know ahead of time and one or two guests might show up with a +1, but this is a way to know exactly how much space, food, drinks,