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Are Getting Married
It All Started with a Story 

It all began the summer of 2012 at Pier 39. David worked in the Ticket Booth for Blue &

Gold, Jasmine just started in the Photo Dept. Casual greetings of “hello” or “how are you” were

exchanged here and there, but their paths rarely crossed those first few months. It wasn’t until

later that December when Jasmine would receive an unexpected Facebook DM, asking if she

wanted go to the company holiday party with a little someone… I think we can all guess who

that was. Unfortunately, the night didn’t go as expected (if you know you know lol), and nearly a

whole year would pass before their paths would cross again as Jasmine started her freshman year

at SJSU.


Let’s fast forward to June 2013. Another year, another summer at the Pier. After a really

long, 3-day weekend in Vegas at EDC, Jasmine had the wonderful idea of going to work directly

from the airport that morning. Lack of sleep was obvious. Tears were shed. Mid-day came and as

Jasmine was taking photos of guests awaiting their tour, someone shoves a “Free Ice Cream

Coupon” for Ben & Jerry’s into her work jacket. She looks up and it’s David! In her next break,

she found David to thank him and he ended up offering her a ride home after work. Mind you,

Jasmine lived deep in the city. David lived in Vallejo – not the most convenient way home if you

ask me. But what was one ride home after work one day suddenly turned into several rides home

throughout the next couple of weeks. Then, David finally asked Jasmine out to their first

(successful) date at the Cheesecake Factory. From that point on, the rest is history.


Here we are today, over 9 years later celebrating the love and lifetime commitment of

Jasmine and David. But even after the countless memories made, many adventures experienced,

and life milestones achieved, this is just the beginning to another chapter in their love story…

And we can’t wait to enter this next chapter with all of you. See you all in Mexico!

The Wedding Of David & Jasmine
The Wedding Of David & Jasmine
Feb 02, 2024, 5:00 PM
Hotel Xcaret Mexico


Friday, February 2, 2024

Wedding Ceremony: 5:00 pm


Hotel Xcaret Mexico

Room Categories in our Block

Upgraded room options are available based on availability, please contact us directly for pricing.  One the link below to see all resort room catagories  

River Suite

Enjoy a room that gives you the best views of our emerald water river. The perfect setting for the vacation you dreamed of. * Children 0-5 are free * Children 6-17 are $344 per night

Garden Suite 

A room colored by the green of the Mayan jungle and our gardens. The view is complemented by its contemporary Mexican design. * Children 0-5 are free * Children 6-17 are $333 per night

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Tuesday January 30, 2024 - Bride and Groom Arrive to Hotel Xcaret 

Wednesday January 31, 2024 - Recommended Guest Arrival to Hotel Xcaret 
                                         7:00 PM - Welcome Party (Location TBD)
Thursday February 1, 2024 - Pre - Wedding Day  
                                   11:00 AM - Rehearsal for the Bridal Party (Location TBD)
Friday February 2, 2024 - Wedding Day
                              5:00 PM - Ceremony Begins at Caleto Fuego
                              5:30 PM - Cocktail Hour & Reception at Playon Viento 

Saturday February 3, 2024 - Relax by the pool and enjoy the amenities and parks Hotel                                                     Xcaret has to offer 

Sunday February 4, 2024 - Bride and Groom are Checking Out of Hotel Xcaret 

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