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It's Time To Make A Change 

A coaching program for all creatives looking to make the full shift into entrepreneurship  



The Plan.

It's time for you to make a profit off your great ideas. 

The Simply Classic Plan is a 6-week virtual coaching program for the excited and determined wanturpreneur that's been sitting on some creative and lucrative ideas but doesn't quite know how to put the plan into action.  In these 8 weeks I will teach you not only how to build your personal brand, book your dream client but also how to keep a positive out look on creating a business by maintaining a healthy work - life balance in the event industry.


To execute "The Plan" we will weekly one on one train & accountability phone calls, create a business plan outline and I will provide you  with downloadable strategy guides to increase your sales and marketing. 

It's time to dive in a create the work + life you have been dreaming of.  Our easy system will provide you with the tools to create your own successes.

6 WEEKS - $2,800.00

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