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What You Need To Know About Wedding Room Blocks


Most people have never had experience with a wedding room block so here are some details as to why the bride and groom have asked their guests to book within their room block –  


  • You are attending a private event connected to a block of rooms. In order to have access to the event(s) you must book as part of the group.

  • The quoted rates also include perks for the bride, groom, and wedding guests. These perks are not included in any online prices you might find.

  • Contracted groups includes discounted hotel transfers to and from the airport.

  • The contract group rate guarantees the same rate for everyone in the group. *The rates may change if you request a different room type.

  • You may be denied access to the private events (ceremony, reception, etc) if you book outside the group.

  • If access to the private event is allowed a service fee per each event must be paid in order for you and any guest not booked in the group to attend.

  • Those staying “off location” may be denied access to the venue.

  • Wedding terms and conditions usually require the wedding couple to stay a minimum number of nights.

  • Wedding terms and conditions usually require a certain number of guest rooms to be booked.

  • If the minimum terms and conditions are not met the wedding couple will have to pay more for the wedding.

  • The contracted group rates make sure everyone gets a fair price and is included in all the activities.

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