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I want to have a wedding at Hotel Xcaret Mexico? What happens now?


A timeline of what couples can expect when they want to have a wedding at Hotel Xcaret.  This is the flow of events that our couples normally experience from the resort when booking their wedding and room block with us (Simply Classic Events) at Hotel Xcaret. *Please note - This does not mean it always happens this way and in this amount of time but, based on our experience and tracking, these are some “what’s next” type steps in the process and the ranges of time each step normally takes. 


If you book your room block directly with the hotel or through another source this timing may differ, and you could experience longer wait times. This is just a general guide to help you have realistic expectations throughout this complete wedding date booking and room block booking process. I find that couples have a bit more anxiety with how long things can take at this resort, so having an idea of what everyone else is also experiencing can help put most couples more at ease. Hopefully it helps you as well. 


□ First things first – We start by helping our couples decide on some logical wedding date choices (potential dates, months, or time of year ranges) and the couple narrows down some ideal dates/date ranges that work best for them. We also review the venue options that are available at the resort and which ones make the most sense for their group size at that time.


□ Email resort contact with request for these date and venue choices. 


• 1 day to 2 weeks to hear back from the resort contact on date availability


 □ Once the resort returns with available wedding date options, the couple confirms their wedding date choice and we make the formal wedding date request from the resort, with the following information: 

• Partner 1 Full Name

 • Partner 2 Full Name

 • Phone Number

 • Email

 • Home Address

 • Wedding date

 • Anticipated Guest Count 

• Wedding Package Choice 

• Ceremony Venue Choice 

• Reception Venue Choice

▪ You may choose up to 2 total locations for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, depending on your wedding package choice 

▪ Deluxe package = up to 2 locations 

▪ Other packages = 1 location 


□ Room block rate is requested once couple chooses a date. The following answers will need to be submitted with the room block request: 

• How many rooms will you want to hold in your block? 

• What categories of rooms will you want? 

• Anticipated Arrival date of couple 

• Anticipated Departure date of couple 

• What room category will you personally want?


 ▪ 1 – 3 weeks to receive rate and concessions quote regarding the room block 


□ Resort prepares and emails wedding contract. 


• 1 – 3 weeks to receive 


□ Couple receives and signs the wedding contract 


• 5 – 7 days to sign and return contract and pay the wedding deposit (50% of the total wedding package + 50% of the additional anticipated guests count, over 30 guests).


□ Couple is added to their custom wedding planning software account that includes a complete custom destination wedding planning checklist, budget worksheet, vendor tracking, free wedding website option, diagram feature, and more (exclusive to Yellow Umbrella Events clients). 


□ Resort receives and countersigns the wedding contract and confirms wedding date.


□ Room block rate is received.


 • Couple normally has 3 – 5 days to make room block contract request, once they receive the room rate, and to confirm how many rooms and what room categories they’d like to hold in their block.


□ Room block contract request is made. 


• 1 – 4 weeks to receive the room block contract 


□ Room block contract is received, the couple signs and returns the room block contract, and pays the initial room block contract deposit


 • 2 – 5 days to review, sign and return, and pay the room block contract deposit 


□ Couple’s one-page web link is ready to view (this is something that we custom create and is exclusive to Yellow Umbrella Events couples). 


• Approximately 1 week 


□ Guests may begin booking into the room block. 


• 2 weeks after the contract is received The entire booking process from date request to guests being able to make a room reservation could be anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months, depending on a number of factors. These factors may include the resort’s wedding staff and rooms department responsiveness, responsiveness of the couple, time of year that requests are made, the wedding date that’s requested, how far in advance you are booking, etc. We’ve had the entire process from start to finish completed in just a couple weeks and we’ve had total start to finish times that have taken 6 months! There are a lot of factors that go into how long this process takes and each couple’s wedding can vary. One note on the time it takes to establish a room block – there is 1 (yes, just 1) person that handles all the social/wedding room blocks for the entire property and there are over 300 weddings/social events at this property every year! As you can imagine, she receives literally hundreds of emails every single day of the week. Other important time frames to consider:


 □ “Drop date” for removing rooms from your block with no penalty (this may not be offered with direct to hotel room blocks so please read your contract details carefully) 


• 5 – 6 months before your wedding date 


□ On-site in-house wedding coordinator is assigned from the resort • Appx 5 months before your wedding date □ Final payment date for rooms (both the couple and their guests) 


• Approximately 75 – 85 days before the wedding date 


□ Final wedding choices, all details, and all final payments due to the resort 


• 60 days before the wedding 


I hope this “what’s next” list helps you have a more realistic idea of what you can expect with the wedding date booking and room block booking process!


 If you would like to work with us on your Wedding and/or Room block you can reach us at 619.669.5167,


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