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Are Getting Married
It All Started with a Story 

It all started on January 5th  2019. Eric, leaning casually against his shiny white Camaro with the top down. When Samantha walked out of her home, their eyes met, and Eric greeted her with a friendly, "Hello, Samantha Skelly"

Time stood still for them both - a perfect combination of first date awakeness & an excitement that wasn’t easy to mask.

She hopped into his Camaro, and as they drove away, there was a certain feeling that this might just be the last first date they ever had.

Over a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon at Solterra Winery in Leucadia, they discovered they shared values that mattered most to them: family, personal growth, and freedom - the freedom to create the most extraordinary & adventurous life.

In a very Samantha-esk way, she casually mentioned "by the way," "I'm leaving for Bali tomorrow for six weeks. I'll see you when I get back." Eric was shocked, couldn't help but be intrigued by her adventurous spirit

Three weeks later, in her Bali villa, Samantha was greeted by a dozen roses and champagne. She couldn't help but wonder how Eric had managed to pull off such a thoughtful gesture. It turns out, he had a knack for surprises & creating experiences - that would later become a cherished part of their relationship.

Back in San Diego, their second date was a big one – meeting Samantha's parents. It was a milestone that marked the beginning of a love story with no turning back.

Since then, Samantha and Eric have been inseparable. They've journeyed together, exploring the world, following their passions, and giving back to their communities & building their mission focussed businesses.  Their love story is one of shared dreams and endless adventures.

Fast forward to a special day in Idyllwild, California, at their favourite spot called 'The Pause Rock.' Eric got down on one knee and asked the question they had both been waiting for. Samantha's enthusiastic "yes" echoed through the hills, sealing their love forever.

They would love to invite you to Camp Moeller - a nature inspired 3 day experience all in the same of love & celebration. 

The Wedding of Samantha + Eric
The Wedding of Samantha + Eric
Oct 05, 2024, 5:00 PM
Tahquitz Pines Retreat


Saturday, October 5, 2024

Wedding Ceremony: 5:00 pm


Tahquitz Pines Retreat


Friday October 4, 2024 - Welcome Party  
                                   5:00 PM - Rehearsal for the Bridal Party at Tahquitz Pines Retreat 
                                   6:00 PM - Welcome Party at FreeWyld 

Saturday October 5, 2024 - Wedding Day
                              5:00 PM - Ceremony Begins at Tahquitz Pines Retreat 
                              5:30 PM - Cocktail Hour & Reception under the stars to follow 

Sunday October 6, 2024 -  Brunch Recovery Day 

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