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How To Combat Jet Lag 101

For the Simply Classic Squad travel is a lifestyle, and we have absolutely no time for jet lag. After many years of trial and error we know what works and what doesn't and we wanted to share our top tips so you, too, can look like you ~woke up like this~

So after countless flights, hours of sleep deprivation and days of being a straight up grumpy bitch, I’m here to lay down all of our Simply Classic Travels tips and tricks to combatting jet-lag and enjoying your vacay, like you obviously should be!

As I said, these tips have been tried and tested and I can honestly say have made my travels so much smoother and so much more enjoyable for myself and everyone traveling with me.

So lets dive in, shall we…

  1. First and foremost PLAN AHEAD. I can’t stress this enough, I know I’m a planner so obviously this is my number one tip but I am not fucking around here, prep and plan! But by this I don’t just mean making sure your bags are set and all your chargers are in place (which I still always seem to forget) but I am talking about setting your clocks a little ahead or a little back , depending where you are traveling to. Let me explain, So say you are heading to Miami for the weekend and only have a few days to enjoy but a 3 hour time change to adapt to. Set your clock an hour and a half early for at least 2 days before your trip, wake up earlier, start your morning routine earlier and get adapted sooner, it may seem like a wack idea but I PROMISE you will enjoy your vacay SO much more when you aren’t groggy and sleeping half your day away, what a waist!!!

  1. Stay Hydrated and DON’T DRINK. Oh I know you all must think I’ve lost my shit by saying to not to have a drink because let’s be real, your girl can never pass up a glass of Champagne. But in this case to bypass the bubbles ( or limit yourself to one glass) and take in some H2O, shoot throw a liquid IV in there babe! When you travel your body is going through an influx of different motions, from intense elevation, weird hours and possibly stress so make sure you keep your self hydrated. This is much more serious for me to follow when I am traveling for work, any alcohol will obviously effect you in some way, but ladies who wants to be puffy when you arrive in paradise… I didn’t think so .

  1. So now once you arrived at your beautiful destination don’t let the sleep deprivation set in. One major key here is to not take a nap. I used to be that girl that got to my cozy suite and would lay on that fluffy white hotel bed and take myself the sweets siesta there ever was. I soon realized that was making everything 100 times worse. You have to acclimate to the new time zone, so stay up until at least 10 or 11 pm and enjoy the night as you would if you were just on a flight for 6 hour, this is where you push through it ladies (and gents). This will continue to acclimate you to the time zone you are in, especially if you followed tip one this should be nothing but a breeze!

  1. WORK OUT! Don’t hate me, but go get your ass moving. This will get the blood flowing in your body, and after a long flight this is exactly what you need. Once you get a few steps in you will be so surprised how much more awake you are going to feel, as they say a body in motion stays in motion. So this doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym but take a beautiful walk and explore your area, just keep the momentum going !

  1. Forever we are going to stress the seriousness of self care, with that … go get a facial! Lymphatic drainage is everything and so important after being up in the skies! If there is one thing we have taken from one of our fav bloggers it would be that a facial massage after a flight is literally life changing, its insane how much fluid your face will hold after your travels (and if your a gal on a budget you can do this yourself, trade with a bestie or make your man do it for you) DUH

For more tips on how to keep your skin supple during these dry flight times and the jet lag just won't quit, see our top 10 tips on travel beauty here Simply Classic Event's 10 Must Have Travel Beauty Products to get that aforementioned glow even if you haven't had enough sleep. As always, let us know if these work and keep up to date with the SCE team by following us on insta and subscribing to our newsletter!

leave us your comments on what you want to hear more of below !

With Style and Love


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