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10 Simply Classic Beauty Products You Must Have When Traveling

The ladies at Simply Classic Events are always on the go, especially our baddest babe & leader, Shelby. *Side note: She's attending Hustle & Flow workshop in Seattle next week and will be speaking at the Alumni Workshop in NYC in April (!) so grab your tickets or email us about a setting up a meeting if you live in the PNW or NYC and want the Simply Classic Squad to plan your wedding or vacation ,or , like to just grab a good glass of rosé!

Anyways, traveling is rough on your skin, and body but thats for a whole other post... soo we've done the leg work and found the best products that kill those jet lag feels, under-eye bags and dry skin from flying. All the products mentioned are TSA friendly, too, so no chance of losing them or using all your suitcase room to bring them with you.

You have to know by now that we're obsessed with the Roses & Rosé brand, so this shouldn't come as a shock that their Rose Face Mist (available in normal and travel size) is our go-to refreshing and soothing face mist. In addition to the rosewater-which balances & prepares the skin for moisturizers and serums, this spray contains Vitamin E Oil & Geranium Oil, which are both super hydrating. I like to spray this before landing to give myself a dewy, hydrated, I-didn't-just-fly-for-3-hours, appearance. It's also 8 fucking dollars.

Rose Water Facial Mist

We prayed to the gods and Summer Fridays answered in the form of this all-in-one mask, which is also paraben & sulfate free, cruelty free, vegan, & made in the USA without any synthetic dyes or fragrances, among other things. This mask-also travel size- is super hydrating & nourishing to provide radiant, dewy, moisturized skin. It's full of all-star ingredients like vitamin C, chestnut extract and niacinamide. These ingredients reduce pores, uneven skin and fine lines, brighten, and exfoliate. It also included cucumber, which will help to soothe any redness or irritated skin.

Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask

I've been in love with Peter Thomas Roth since high school, but these eye patches have been my best friends since having to *adult*. They have 3 different types, so whatever under-eye struggles you have there's one formulated for your specific concern. My favorite are the 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Hydra-Gel Patches because even though I'm 23 I'm getting wrinkles (rude) and need some preventative aging. However, for flights the Water Drench Hylaronic Cloud Patches are incredible. Hyaluronic acid binds to water and can even pull it out of the air, keeping your skin hydrated AF, which is super useful for those drying flights. HA also is good for ALL skin types, so these are good for sensitive skin, as HA naturally reduces redness and irritation. The Cucumber De-Tox Patches are good for puffiness & dark circles so pack these if you're taking a redeye.

Peter Roth Eye Patches

4. Jade Roller

We love our acids and fillers but even I know that Western medicine has nothing on it's eastern counterpart. Jade rolling increases circulation to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. However, they are the most popular for their ability to de-puff by massaging and stimulating lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system is comprised of tissues and organs right under your skin that helps flush toxins and other waste from the body. While most rollers are made from jade, different stones are meant to provide different benefits: jade is good for contouring and lifting, rose quartz is good for inflammation and sensitive skin, amethyst is good for acne, angry skin and stress. So while jade is the most popular, choose which one works best for your skin.

Jade Roller

This mask is perfect for travel because it helps with dry, dull skin. This mask uses rice germ oil, which is high in vitamin E and fatty acids, nourishes your tired skin Green tea and algae are other key ingredients and are known in Japan for their beautifying effects. This mask is extra full of serum, too, so even if you fall asleep it won't dry up. It's non-comedogenic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, cruelty free and dermatologist tested, making it the perfect sheet mask for anyone and everyone.

Tatcha Sheet Mask

Cleansing is somehow always forgotten about while traveling-maybe due to lack of a proper sink-but it's even more important to remember when you're in a plane breathing recycled air and sitting practically on top of your neighbor. This gel cleanser is not drying or stripping and uses lactic acid to shrink pores, seaweed to hydrate, and invigorating essential oils like lime, jasmine and cypress.

CBD is the non-psychoactive weed strain that helps reduce inflammation, pain, anxiety and more without the high.Topical CBD can be rubbed on sore or painful spots (tennis elbow, achy feet, etc.) and helps with acne, psoriasis and eczema because of its anti-inflammatory effects. It can also help reduce the visible signs of aging by fighting free-radical damage. The Bloom facial oil has NO PALM OIL (bad for the environment if unethically sources and used in almost every skincare product), and has no synthetic dyes, fragrances, sulfates, parabens and preservatives. It nourishes dry skin, reduces puffiness from traveling (drinking, eating out, etc.) and gives my skin a boost whenever it's looking tired or dull.

CBD Facial Oil

After our QYK Sonic Launch Party in 2018 we've been on board with Zoe. They are electric handheld facial massagers that exfoliate, help products absorb better and helps clean skin. They come with their own little traveling pouch, fit in the palm of your hand, and last 300 uses on a single charge making them the perfect traveling companion. Made of silicone they are antimicrobial and don't ever require replacement brush heads. I like using mine to improve circulation and get my blood moving and skin glowing on long flights and sleepless nights in hotel rooms.

QYK Sonic

I'm the most paranoid about my hands: I always put sunscreen on and apply the same skin products on the backs of my hands as I do my face. I've also been using Sephora's hand masks since I was in high school. I use the aloe vera gloves when my hands feel dry, the argan mask when the skin is looking uneven or wrinkled and the avocado hand mask when I need serious nourishment. Each mask comes inside a pair of non-drip gloves. These are the perfect items to keep your skin and nails hydrates and pristine.

This is a super intense chapstick meant to be applied before bed to hydrate and provide nutrients while your body repairs itself while you sleep. It contain large amounts of antioxidants in the form of vitamin C, gogi,and other berries which help reduce flaky, dry lips. It also comes with an applicator to keep germs out of the mask and off your lips.

sleeping lip mask

With these 10 beauty pros on deck your skin should be dewy fresh upon arrival and have nothing but a perfect glow.

Try our tricks and let us know your fav!!


Shelby & Lauren

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