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Destination Wedding Room Block Tips

Top Tips for Securing Room Blocks for Destination Weddings With Simply Classic

Planning a destination wedding is an exciting venture, but it comes with its own set of unique challenges. One of the most critical aspects is securing room blocks for your guests. Here’s a guide to help you navigate this crucial part of your planning process and ensure your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

destination wedding
destination wedding

1. Start Early

Securing room blocks should be one of the first tasks on your wedding planning checklist. Popular destinations often book up quickly, especially during peak travel seasons. By starting early, you increase your chances of getting the best rates and the most convenient accommodations for your guests.

2. Estimate Your Guest Count

Before reaching out to hotels, have a rough estimate of how many guests will need accommodations. This will help you negotiate better rates and ensure you have enough rooms reserved for everyone. Remember to consider different types of rooms, such as singles, doubles, and suites, to cater to varying guest needs.

3. Negotiate the Best Rates

Don’t be afraid to negotiate with hotels. Ask for a discount on room rates, especially if you’re booking a large number of rooms. Some hotels might also offer perks like complimentary upgrades, free breakfast, or discounted parking for your guests. It’s always worth asking!

4. Consider Proximity

Choose a hotel that is conveniently located near your wedding venue. This makes it easier for your guests to attend all the events and reduces transportation hassles. If your wedding activities are spread out, consider arranging shuttle services to make it easier for guests to get around.

5. Provide Clear Booking Instructions

Once your room blocks are secured, provide your guests with clear instructions on how to book their rooms. Include details such as booking deadlines, group codes, and contact information for the hotel. Consider creating a wedding website where all this information can be easily accessed. When working with our simply classic team we handle all these logistics for you by crafting your own personalized wedding + Bookign website with all of your festivitiy detail!

6. Monitor the Block and Stay in Touch

Keep track of your room block to ensure it’s filling up as expected. Regularly communicate with your hotel contact to monitor bookings and make adjustments if necessary. If the block is filling up quickly, you may be able to negotiate additional rooms at the same rate.

destination wedding

7. Communicate Deadlines

Make sure your guests are aware of important deadlines, especially the cut-off date for booking rooms at the group rate. Send reminders via email, your wedding website, and social media to ensure everyone has ample opportunity to book their accommodations.

8. Be Aware of Attrition Clauses

Many hotels include attrition clauses in their contracts, which can hold you financially responsible if a certain percentage of the reserved rooms are not booked. Understand these clauses thoroughly and negotiate them if possible to avoid unexpected costs.

9. Provide a Welcome Packet

Show your appreciation for your guests by providing a welcome packet with useful information about the destination. Include details about local attractions, transportation options, and a schedule of wedding events. This thoughtful touch can enhance their overall experience.

Securing room blocks for your destination wedding requires careful planning and negotiation, but it’s an essential step to ensure your guests have a pleasant stay. By working with a travel agent that specialized in Destination Wedding Groups, starting early, negotiating effectively, and communicating clearly, you can provide your guests with comfortable accommodations and make your wedding an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Let's find your perfect venue, contact us today begin your FREE venue sourcing and room block planning today!

Happy planning!

XO, Shelby


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