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Where Do You Want To Take Your Next Vacation?

Spring is here! All the rain we're getting is doing amazing things to my garden, though, and had me thinking about jetting off to see all the beautiful places that come alive during this time of the year. So I complied a list of all the most beautiful places to visit from January to May to escape from the cold, explore the spring flowers, or just explore cities before the annual summer tourists descend.

1. Japan's sakura

Sakura, or cherry blossoms, attract visitors from all over the world to Japan and are expected to start blooming as early as March 22nd this year. There are beautiful cherry blossoms to be seen in both the cities, where picnicking under them is a tradition, or in the countryside, where sites like Mount Fuji have annual festivals. Cherry blossoms also hold significance in Japanese culture where they represent the fragility and beauty of life. If watching the country transform into a magical pink wonderland isn't you thing, Japan's slopes are world-renowned as well. I suggest planning your ski trip anytime from Mid-February to early March to avoid the crowds and keep costs down.

Washington D.C. is also known for their cherry blossoms in the spring but is much more feasible for most people than traveling all the way to Japan! If you're living in the U.S., a weekend trip to D.C. in the spring is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or a girls trip!

2. Holland's Tulips

The tulips are best seen mid-April in Holland and most tulip farms are nestled in between lazy windmills. (Side note: these 18th century windmills, which are worth a trip on their own, are suffering from over-tourism, so make sure to tread lightly). The Keukenhof, which is only a 30 minute ride from Amsterdam has the largest flower exhibition in the world with 7 million blooms. I suggest hopping on a bike, as is the Dutch fashion, and leisurely exploring Holland's fields.

3. Britain's Bluebells

More than 50% of the world's bluebells grow in the UK and it's almost unreal to find yourself in a sea of blue come April and May when they bloom. Particularly large bluebell collections are visible at Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire, Blickling Hall in Norfolk and Buckland Abbey in Devon. The British countryside has an idyllic quality unlike anywhere else and you can find yourself wandering between the towering trees or watching ponies grazing while enjoying the blue flowers.

4. Spain's Cherry Blossoms

I know, enough with the cherry blossoms, but the Jerte Valley in Spain is known for their white cherry blossoms (just think of the monochrome photo ops). This year the festival, where farmers look forward to their next harvest and you can try cherry-flavored anything , starts on April 7th. While Barcelona and Madrid get flooded with tourists you'll be strolling under the white blossoms, feeling like you're in an episode of Planet Earth.

5. Venice, Italy

This pretty much applies to every European destination but spring (think March-early May) is the best time to visit before it gets too hot, crowded and expensive. Post-Christmas and pre-summer crowds have thinned and you can enjoy the breathtaking sight of St. Mark's Square and enjoy a gondola ride or afternoon gelato without freezing to death. Although it's nice to avoid crowds, the Carnival of Venice has been celebrated since the 12th century and is known for its decadent and debauchery. You can dead to the Rialto Bridge to watch the sunrise (I've tried and failed every time to get up that early) or spend the day exploring the tiny shops and restaurants on the water.

6. Mexico

The Simply Classic team is always in Mexico for a wedding or some other event and some of our favorite places to chase away the winter are Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Valle de Guadeloupe. We just visited Valle de Guadeloupe and got to explore the endless wineries and scenic coastline the region offers. At less than 2 hours from San Diego, Valle is the perfect weekend escape and you can even turn it into a fun road trip with your friends or family. Our newlyweds (and pre-weds) love Cabo for it's crystal-clear waters, stunning sunsets and all-inclusive resorts. If you're thinking you want to lounge, swim and veg out by the pool Cabo might be the best place for you. It's good for sightseeing, too, with plenty of nearby churches, old monuments and historic towns.

No matter where you want to go, Simply Classic Travels will plan your weekend getaway, business trip, or extended vacation and get your the best deals on travels and hotels. Feel free to dm us on Instagram , head to our contact form or send us an email to get all the info about planning a Spring Vacation for you!


Lauren & Shelby

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