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A Tropical Dream: Simply Classic Events Destination Wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Nestled amidst the lush jungles of Puerto Vallarta, overlooking the sparkling ocean, Simply Classic Events crafted a wedding weekend that was nothing short of magical. With a penchant for creativity and a commitment to making dreams come true, they transformed Hotel Mousai into the perfect backdrop for a celebration filled with fun, beauty, and unforgettable moments. Making it nothing less the PERFECT for your destination wedding.

The Enchanting Venue:

Hotel Mousai, perched on the edge of the jungle, is a paradise for those seeking a wedding venue that offers both natural beauty and luxury. The stunning ocean views combined with the vibrant greenery of the jungle created a breathtaking setting for the vision of an enchanting wedding.

A Design Beyond Amazing:

Shelby's talent as an event designer shone brightly in the wedding's design. Disco balls glimmered, casting a magical glow, and boho touches infused the event with a laid-back yet elegant atmosphere. The combination of disco and boho elements perfectly reflected the couple's style and created a unique aesthetic that left guests in awe.

The Soundtrack to Memories:

Music played an essential role in making this wedding unforgettable. The DJ kept the party going, setting the perfect mood for guests to dance the night away. The live saxophonist added an element of sophistication and romance, serenading the newlyweds and their guests under the starry Puerto Vallarta sky.

Tequila Delights:

One of the most memorable highlights was the creative tequila service. A server balanced a bottle on his head, skillfully pouring shots of tequila for guests. This unexpected twist added a fun and lively element to the celebration, leaving everyone in high spirits.

Charlie and Shelby, the dynamic duo behind Simply Classic Events, delivered an exceptional wedding experience in Puerto Vallarta. Their dedication to creating a weekend full of fun and beauty was evident in every detail, from the stunning venue to the disco-inspired decor and the lively music. This wedding will undoubtedly be a cherished memory for both the couple and their guests, showcasing the magic that can happen when two talented event planners say "I do" to each other and their dreams.

Planning + Design: Simply Classic Events

Venue: Hotel Mousai

Hair + Make up: Divas by Lya

Floral + Rentals: Mac Events


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