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The BEST season for your destination wedding in Rivera Maya, Mexico

Everyone who has had the pleasure of visiting the Riviera Maya beaches knows how special and magical the unique colors of the sea can be. The purity and beauty of the ocean bring warm sands make the perfect location of a dream destination wedding.

This picturesque location comes with some wild weather and the question we are asked the most frequently is : When is the best time to have a destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico?

Hurricane season for Riviera Maya, Mexico

Obviously you need to take note of the hurricane season for Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum last roughly from June to November, the weather can be absolutely unpredictable these months from rain to shine and very humid! The worst time is during August to October, these are the rainy months

The ideal time to plan your wedding in Riviera Maya is during the fall season, this is still "low" season so the prices are usually a bit lower and the weather is a bit more predictable.

Riviera Maya High Season (Spring)

During high Season in Riviera Maya you can expect HOT weather, lots of people and higher pricing. This is particularly the case in March and early April, when the RM becomes a hub of spring break activity! If you are looking to host your wedding during this season, remember to book at least 1 year in advance as dates will fill up extremely quickly and resorts are more likely to sell out.

The Caribbean in the Fall

Living in the tropical place is absolutely beautiful but the weather during the fall can be a bit unpredictable, varying from heavy rains to hurricanes or very hot and humid. During this time you may find lower pricing for your wedding and your guest but you are risking a rainy wedding day. but don't worry, most resorts do have a covered or indoor options for a plan b!

Winter in Riviera Maya

The winter in the Mexican Caribbean begins at the end of the rains brought by the hurricane season creating a cooler and more pleasant cloudy environment compared to the rest of the year! (BONUS! you will not have to worry about being sweaty in your wedding dress & Tux, also your guests will thank you) Despite the cloudy weather of the season that may bring occasional rain, it is not something that a little planning & prepping for won't fix.

Riviera Maya in December - February

December weddings are very popular among locals and visitors and this is because not only is the weather perfect but the sunsets tend to be more beautiful and the nights are longer!

The weather in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya in December is in general wonderful, it’s warmer than almost all the cities of the States and the ocean is the most perfect temperature! The days are not that hot or humid making it enjoyable for all your guest!

We highly recommend planning your wedding for the first weeks of December, the climate is perfect and you beat the holiday rush!

January and February are a bit colder than December but still the perfect time to celebrate in Mexico!

The BEST season to get married in Rivier Maya

So to wrap it up the best season for a wedding in Riviera Maya runs from the last week of October to the first weeks of February. So if you are looking to plan your dream destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico contact our team Simply Classic Events, we're here to help you every step of the way!


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