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10 Ways to Throw a Badass Bachelorette Party in 2017

With all of our closest friends tying the knot this year has been a one to remember! Not only have our favorite ladies said "I Do" to the loves of their lives, but that also has lead us to numerous trips with our girls that we will never forget.

So its your turn to pop the question and ask your girls to stand by your side and its there turn to throw you a party you will NEVER forget!

This is a time to celebrate, relax and have a whole lot of fun!

Here are our 10 Simply Classic ways to throw a BADASS bachelorette party:

1. Get out of town - Go somewhere new and create new memories, this is a time to be alive and experience something fresh and fun with your favorite people! Don't stay in your city, go on adventure that you will remember for a life time. Think of this, this is the last trip with your friends before you start your life as a family. Soak in all the girl time, bask on beautiful beaches, learn new cultures and sip delicious cocktails ... it's time to celebrate!

2. Take Control - This is a tip for the Maid of Honor... Have a good chat with the bride, set the dates and have an idea of where she wants to go. From there take charge, chat with all the gals and make a plan! From plenty of experience (Seriously we have planned owr fair share of bachelorette parties!!) if you lolly gag and waste to much time getting everyones opinion the price will go up and the stress will rise (and lets face you know her best your the Maid of honor) ... Y'all know she is counting down the days for this vacation!

3. Be Prepared - There are so many ways you can make any vacation a seamless dream. Have a plan, look up what to do in the area and/ or contact a local promotor or event planner. In doing so you will be guaranteed to have the best time in whatever city you choose to visit. By doing just a little research you can know all the hot spots and not have to worry about lines or reservations, heck you may even score some free drinks ... Cheers!

4. Surprise The Bride To Be - This is the time to make that special lady feel all the love, do something special for her. It doesn't have to be extravagant, even as simple as decorating your hotel room or table before dinner, but do something to show her that you all thought about this before hand... like they say, it's the thought that counts!

5. Talk to her partner and see if there is anything he wants to contribute for his future Mrs... (without attending obviously!) This one is pretty self explanatory, ask the brides fiancé if he wants to participate and if so give him a few ideas. Here are some of our Simply Classic favorites ... have flowers or champagne placed in the room upon arrival or opt to do a little more and take care of a dinner that evening or a spa day. Ladies, just make sure to include their partner slightly in the plans as well, remember this is all about the bride to be, so include everyone that would make her happy!

6. Wear EXTRA sunscreen - I don't care where you go, the sun is KILLER and you need to protect your skin. I know this sounds redundant but after a few drinks its easily forgotten and the last thing you need is a blister bride and bridesmaids two weeks before the wedding! I have seen it and trust me its painful and doesn't make for pretty photos.

7. Stock the room with water, snacks and rosé!! With all the running around in the sun, drinking and dancing the night away it's no question that you may get dehydrated. Make sure to stock your humble abode with waters and snacks for those late night cravings, this will really save you from some horrible headaches in the morning!

8. Do What The Bride Wants To Do... If she is to tired after Friday nights shenanigans then change the plans around and do what she would prefer (even if that means missing a fabulous brunch to sleep and extra hour!). You are there to celebrate her, don't forget that!

9. Have some time to relax, maybe set a spa day or just a day to lounge by the pool or on the beach. You don't have to party like a rockstar every day... just most of them!!!

10. Have a concluding brunch on the last morning (included with a toast)!! I know by the last day everyone is to tired to function, but do something different! Host a special brunch in your hotel room and add a little sparkle ... I mean that is what room service is for!


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