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Pretty Girl Things and The Meaning of Bling

Sweet are the memories of passing notes in grade school, a smile from across the room that only you two shared, a slight brush in the hallway in admiration, longing for even a brief touch – all things sweet, meaningful and subtle. Created then is a Romance which forms a bond that only you two are aware of.

Now you have a love which has grown and developed into a depth no one can penetrate, a romance which lingers on you long after your evening kisses and lovingly give the gift of deep subtle meaning, utilizing ancient symbolism in the form of gems.

There lies a power of gems which has been known for years and years, properties attributed to gems influencing the finest purchasers and placing deep relevance into their sacred meaning.

Gem: a precious or semiprecious stone, especially when cut and polished or engraved. The force of Life is a great way to begin, the gem Amber has been historically symbolized for the use of protection and healing, for travelers, in protecting children, healing joint problems and oh my, did you know, it produces an electric charge when rubbed…

Aquamarine, my birthstone is fabulous reflection of beauty and youth - literally means seawater and has been a symbol of hope, youthfulness and health.

Malachite: green and encompassing all healing powers because color, this is a current favorite among the stars. Cleopatra and Elizabeth Taylor preferred Emeralds. Do Note: The deeper and more vivid the color, the greater the worth.

Diamonds :Our Favorite and the hardest gem of all…Diamonds, along with begin “a girl’s best friend” are a symbol of Eternal Love. In terms of value…the more flawless a diamond, the greater the worth.

Moonstone :The Ancient Romans believed that the light was frozen within the stone by the moonlight – giving it its color

Last but not least!!

Opal : my personal favorite is thought to be the "Queen of Gems" encompassing all the colors combined, as rare as a fingerprint – no two are the same. Black Opal are quite rare and found in Australia’s

Give a gift with meaning, a gem as rare as your love and as precious as your relationship; One which remains with you long after your first kiss…and remains with you throughout your lifetime.


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