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5 Top Notch Tips to Planing a Swanky Dinner Party in 2017

Tip #1 Location, Location, Location! - Yes indeed, architecture, interior design, home and/or outdoor environment will provide a memorable background, acting as a stage for your guests and invitees so do select well. Keep in mind this is the setting set as your beautiful stage for your exclusive evening.

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Tip #2 Magic is always created with Lighting… Let there be light! - Ambiance begins the moment the candles are lit, when the sun rises and the moment you arrive ( Hello Rockstar)! Set the ambiance with beautiful market lighting for an out door event or of course, my personal favorite and go to candles are always Voluspa , they provide the perfect scent and burn delicately brilliantly!

dinner party

Tip #3 Design... It's all in the details!- Having a theme and a personal message at any event brings a sweet personal touch. Adding a texture or patterned linen really brings a "pop" to any table and a real wow fact to any event. Here is an opportunity to play with nature, scents and various options of color, create a design that will leave your guest talking and put an fabulous fragrance at the table.

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Tip #4 Create a menu that fits your theme! - Add an eye to design in to each plate and keep it fun. A dinner party is about having close friends and family together, good conversation, lots of wine and trying new things (at least in our house)! I love nothing more then having everyone around the dinner table while enjoying a dish that we have never had before, there is something so special about trying someone new with the ones you love!

Tip #5 The Guests - More important than Tips 1-4 is who to invite. A Swanky Dinner is had by being surrounded with love, laughter and friendship. Life is an adventure, nurtured and built on our relationships, what better way to make new friendships and to build upon past than around the dinner table!


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