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Under The Sea Themed Bridal Shower, San Diego, CA.

Living next to the beautiful pacific ocean in sunny San Diego is always an inspiration, so when this beautiful Simply Classic Bride wanted to incorporate a fun under the sea feel I was excited!

You really can't beat this rooftop view in San Diego

The sunflowers and mixed glassware really made this table design POP, We loved all the color!

Reading over the menu makes me hungry all over again and they are so on theme!

Moments like these really touch my heart, this was such a heartfelt day, so much love was shared.

When it became time to open gifts we were blessed with this beautiful sunset! Honestly, I love the 360 views from this rooftop, I can't wait to show you the city skyline! What a fabulous way to enjoy all that San Diego has to offer. SWOONING!!!

They laughed, sipped and enjoyed a beautiful night on the bay.

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