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How to Host an Amazing New Years Eve Bash

New Years Eve is arguable the biggest night of the year, with so many options and parties to attend it is always a struggle trying to decide on a plan!

Fret not because we have found the perfect solution to avoid that NYE mess... Host your own NYE sorriee. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your party will be fun, relatively low-maintenance and the place to be come Midnight! Let's bring the new year in in style!

1. Invitations

Always send out invitations, even if it's just a Facebook invite or a group chat but require an RSVP. Now, not everyone will let you know ahead of time and one or two guests might show up with a +1, but this is a way to know exactly how much space, food, drinks, etc. you're going to need to provide.

Always put a start and end time (ex: 9pm-1am) so people know when to start clearing out. Also, try to calculate rush hour into your start time; I know if an event starts at 5:00pm I won't be arriving on time because I don't want to sit in my car for an hour or take a $40 uber. Also, make sure to ask if there are any dietary restrictions or allergies if you are providing food. Make sure to put the dress code and any other necessary information on the invitation as well, you don't want someone showing up in flip flops if you want a black-tie affaire.

2. Theme

Pick a theme! like seriously , choose one and stick to it! Having a theme will give people a sense of what to wear, what to expect, and the general vibe for the night. It also makes choosing food, drinks, and party games much easier. For example, a Roaring 20's theme is always fun. You can decorate your house with just a few feathers, sequins, pearls, have Great Gatsby and other 20's movies playing in the t.v. room, and make a 20's playlist. You can also provide a classic 1920's cocktail and fun 20's themed food. When you have a theme, the whole party comes together much easier, and with a clear pattern. Choose/make a playlist ahead of time so there's nothing to worry about come party time. It's easy to choose activities and games based on themes, too. Having an activity will warm up the party and get guests to start interacting with one another.

3. Food & Drinks

One of the most important parts of any NYE party is the drinks. NYE is all about partying, make sure to have alcoholic beverages and plenty of water available throughout the night. Picking a single cocktail or drink that you will be providing is a great way to cut costs. We suggest sangria, margaritas or champagne (it is New Years' after all). Or you could set up a self-service cocktail bar so that people can make their own drinks and you're not the designated bartender for the nighta, or hire someone and make this and elevated evening.

Food is often an overwhelming and puzzling part of throwing a party, but Ina Garten has taught me everything I need to know. First, make sure that there is a something for everyone. I like to provide vegan, vegetarian, fish, meat, and dessert appetizers or snacks. I also like to choose food I don't have to cook or that I can make ahead. Some crowd favorites are cheese boards, mixed nuts, chips, spanish tapas, grilled shrimp, meatballs, ceviche, and chips and salsa.

4. Guests

Don't be afraid to accept guests offers to bring a dish, drink or help clean up/set up the party. It doesn't make you a bad host! Also, invite guests based on the environment you want: if you want an elegant evening with a black tie masquerade theme, don't invite your fratty college friends and kindly request that guests don't bring their children. Inviting a wide range of guests is okay if you're throwing a large party but if its a small get-together try to invite people that have something in common, you know are friendly and will get along or already know each other. Also, make sure to take guests keys (no drunk driving!), coats and other items to keep in one area to ensure the seating/party space isn't cluttered and unorganized.

Have a Happy New Year and Stay Safe babes, see you in 2019!



Shelby & Lauren

Styled by Simply Classic Events Rebecca Romero Photographed by Simply Classic Events Lauren Nish

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