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Selecting Your Wedding Music…”Listen Love, They Are Playing Our Song!”

As you prepare your wedding plans choosing the music will be a great as task as ever. Your new love has already changed you and in the years to come, you will be changed in every moment – for love gives life, you will find places you have yet to uncover, reveal yourself in ways that otherwise would not be known and your love will unleash your greatest attributes.

“Music can change the World because it can change people” – Bono

On your wedding day, these lyrics will follow you into the aisle, set the ambiance at your cocktail hour and provide for soothing conversational tunes during your formal dinner. A first dance, whether with a parent or your new partner it will set the stage for your guests and invite them into your life by way of the dance floor.

Choosing your wedding music will have you remember your wedding moments again and again. After your matrimony, with your new life as your backdrop, your musical selection will be your theme, one which will arise again and again.

You are creating your new life theme, setting stage for your lifetime lyrical memory board! Give life to your love by way of music

The following are areas of your wedding day where you will need to select your memorable music.


Bridal march


First Dance

Father & Daughter Dance

Mother & Son Dance

Reception Music

Cake Cutting

Bouquet Toss

Last Dace

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination

and life to everything.”― Plato

Let even 50 years pass and one day you will be saying…”Listen Love, they are playing our song!”


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