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5 Badass Bridesmaid Gifts of 2017

With all the stress of planning a wedding the last thing on your mind is what to get your girls! I can't count how many times I have had my brides ask the same question "What should I buy my bridesmaids?" Whether it be asking them to stand by your side or a gift on your big day, I have created a short and sweet list of a few of my favorite items that are totally affordable!

1. VOULASPA Candle - Prosecco Rosé is my favorite!! Not only do these candles smell amazing but they are only $18 and the smaller ones are only $9 (from pigment) what lady doesn't love a fabulous candle ?!

2. Something Sweet - This one is pretty self explanatory, get your gals their fav treat! Donuts are always on the top of my list!

3. Herbivore Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask - Price marked at on $22, you get at least 20 uses out of this mask and it is hands down my favorite, it leaves my skin bright and feeling fresh!

4. Hot Pair of Sunnies - Get your girls a fun pair of shades, there will be plenty of time for them to rock'em from the bridal shower to the bachelorette party, even on your big day, it's something they can use daily and forever remember how amazing your wedding was!

(cheap knock offs are the way to go here folks, everyone loves a pair of glasses they don't have to stress about

5. A Great Bottle of ONEHOPE Wine - Duh! Sip on something delic and cherish the moments to come! There is nothing better then popping bottles and giving back. When you share products and experiences with viaONEHOPE, each purchase makes an impact. Every one of our varietals has a built in donation to our cause partners. Remember, you’ll be making an impact with every sip you take! It Doesn't get much better than that!

I hope this helps you with a few gift selections, and I absolutely have a few more! leave a comment and let me know i you would like a few more ideas !


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