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Unique Guest Book Ideas

You can’t go wrong with a classic guest book at your wedding, but nowadays there are infinite other options if traditional isn’t your style. If you prefer to think outside the box, you can create anything you can imagine as a unique alternative that is personalized to you.

Here are just a few imaginative ideas which make a statement by themselves. This is a detail of your wedding which you can really have fun with and use to spotlight your personalities. Let your creative streak out and design something original which you’ll be able to double as a life-long keepsake.


1.If you’re the artsy type, or into photography, take this as an opportunity to create something original. This thumbprint heart is gorgeously simple, but screams about love and unity. Join yourselves together in more ways than one on your wedding day and have your loved ones sign it before hanging it on your wall.

2.Something as simple as few pieces of paper and a category box can go a long way to introduce entertainment into any wedding. Instead of writing the standard ‘best wishes’ note, having these suggestions makes it easy for people to get more creative with the love they leave you. After the wedding and anytime you need a ‘pick me up’, pick one up and I guarantee a smile on your face!

3.If you and your loved one have come together from two different parts of the world, why not reflect your international adventures on your wedding day? These would also be a fun idea for couples who love to travel together or are having a destination wedding. These worldly wonders are an elegant and interesting touch to get your guests thinking and are a great conversation starter for guests who don’t know one another. These type of guest book alternatives remind people of your story, and echo the romance of your relationship so far. Both Globes and maps are beautiful items which a lot of people use to decorate their homes anyway, if this is you, it’s an easy way to inject love and memories into your everyday married life.

wedding Guest book

4. One very sweet way to start your married life together is to build this puzzle of love and wishes. These days anything can be personalized. Have photos, dates, and anything else you want printed on a puzzle, and each guest can write on a piece. After all the wedding excitement, you can use this as a lazy afternoon activity to recap your wonderful ceremony.

5.Instead of words alone, let your loved ones leave their memories too. Supply a Polaroid camera (which are easy to find, and budget friendly) and you’ll be left with amazing photos of your guests which your photographer wouldn’t necessarily focus on. This is basically a crafty photo album, ready by the end of the day. The messages your friends leave you will mean so much more when you can see their happy faces every time you read them.

6.Quilts have long been connected to starting a life as a married couple, offered traditionally from the bride’s family to the groom’s. They were also often given as a gift of good luck. Forgetting superstition, quilts are a nice addition to any home. Used in everyday life, you can enjoy being comforted emotionally with little whilst being comforted physically. All you need are the patches of material and a selection of pens. Unless you or somebody close to you sews, after you collect your signed patches it’s nothing but a request to a seamstress to style the squares into a sentimental quilt. Cuddle up with your partner and keep yourself warm with wishes.

7.Another unconventional, but easy option is to take a personal item and use it as a canvas for your guests. Something which mirrors your personality or hobbies is a fantastic item to have at your wedding. Whether it’s your old surfboard, or the guitar you used to woo your love, use something meaningful to hold your memories for the rest of your life. This can work for almost any object which is important to you. Another idea that gets the guests talking, and a life-long decoration at home.

There’s something charming about being able to display the memory of everyone who came to support your life together as part of your home’s decor. Rather than the usual book, you can incorporate these examples onto the walls of your new marriage.

Hopefully these ideas have sparked your imagination. Get creative and come up with something individual which you can look at together, forever. Possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination. Have fun!


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